How do I even start with this one? Honestly, I’m in love with these two, Sandy and Leif contacted me a few months before the wedding, they wanted an intimate elopement and they chose Tivoli as their wedding location as it was quieter than Rome and I think they made the perfect choice as it felt like being surrounded by family the whole time, everybody was wishing them “auguri” (congratulations), even from the windows (scroll to see them!), as we were walking around!

Since the very first moment I talked to them I felt like we had been friends for some time already, I can not explain this feeling but everything was so natural and easy that when we finally met, there was no embarrassment at all, that’s why I believe getting to know each other before the wedding makes a big difference!

What surprised me the most about Sandy was her natural kindness, she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, the way she talks and actually listens to persons when they talk to her, the way she greets, she doesn’t say goodbye, she hugs instead and that felt so warm.

Leif was just like his beautiful wife, kind and effortless to work with, but above all, he was totally in love with his bride and you could see it from the way he talked to and looked at her.

Thank you guys for having me as your wedding photographer, it was a real honor and pleasure for me to get to know you two hotties! 

One of my favourite weddings ! 


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