When Paul emailed me I was super excited because he was determined to propose to his fiancee in an Unforgettable way and everything seemed not enough for him to surprise his future wife.
Challenge accepted!
I started to think and think and think again because if he was determined I was even more determined to create something Wonderful for such a beautiful couple…
I had this sentence in my head “For you I’d go to the Moon and back” when suddenly I was hit by this crazy idea, taking photos with the
A M A Z I N G installation by the super talented artist Tsuyoshi Tane who created this sort of waterfall where you feel suspended in stars.
After she said YES! we took advantage to take more pictures inside the exhibition and outside the chiostro!

Thank you Chiostro del Bramante for making this possible and

Special Thanks to Tsuyoshi Tane – “LIGHT is TIME”, 2018 (Courtesy of Dorrell.Ghotmeh.Tane / Architects).

And Thank you Paul and Diana for being real Dreamers!

Location: Chiostro del Bramante, Roma.
“Dream” Exhibition.


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