Roberta & Claudio

I don’t know where to start with Roberta and Claudio, I just loved their wedding but above all I loved them!
They’ve been knowing each other since they were kids, they grew up together, and you can feel they have a special connection, they’re best friends and can understand each by looking into each other’s eyes. Roberta is my kind of girl, she was very careful about the details, she loves photography herself and put a big effort into making everything perfect like she always dreamt,so.. how can I not love her??! That said what can I say about the location??? It was a Dream, I was sooooo excited about this wedding, when they told they were going to marry in the woods, I honestly jumped on my feet ahah thanks god nobody was watching! The two tents tied to two trees were the perfect frame for this special occasion, the ceremony was relaxed but also emotional, I loved when they couldn’t keep the tears in their eyes while reading the promises and I loved the fact that I felt part of their family. Sharing emotions, this is what I love the most about my job.
The details were really beautiful, the Bioresort Parco dei Cimini, close to Viterbo (not far from Rome) is litterally surrounded by nature, the biofood was really delicious and I truly loved everything about it.

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