Wedding in Santa Marinella

Being a wedding photographer in Italy is like winning the lottery, you get to shoot and discover beautiful places you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Raul and Valeria chose the Castle in Santa Marinella as their wedding location.

Santa Marinella is a little town about 70km from Rome on the Tyrrenian coast.

and the beauty of all the details. The intimacy of the place was something I was not expecting because you usually think of a castle as a big and maybe a little bit cold place, but this was not the case! When I arrived only a few people were there, I like to get on the location in advance so i can shoot all the details before everyone else arrives!

When Raul and all the family arrived I felt surrounded by pure happiness, joy, but most of all love from every single person there.

Maybe what I loved the most was shooting their gorgeous children… I mean look at them!! <3

I’ve to admit the ceremony was so emotion I was about to cry more than once, I love when it’s a friend who marries you because of all the anecdote and the unique connection he has with you.

The party was crazy funny and it was lit by a magical moonlight!

Scroll all the way down to see how Magical it was!

Grazie Raul and Valeria for making me feel part of your family!

I will never forget your wedding!

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