From Russia to Tuscany with Love

Mariia & Kirill - Wedding in Tuscany

Love is the food of life, Travel is the dessert

Mariia and Kirill dreamt of eloping in Tuscany so they did. They flew all the way from Russia , to get married in the castle of their dreams surrounded by their families and the amazing Chianti countryside.
Mariia and Kirill are such a fresh and sweet couple, I loved that they asked for my opinion and help to decide the time of the ceremony, the golden hour made our shooting even more perfect!
The ceremony was very intimate, I loved the decorations , the beautiful arch made of white roses and the warm lights; the music was perfect, the harp is always so Magical, one of my personal favourite musical instruments! Thank you for always bringing me in Amazing places and making me part of your day in such an intimate way!

P.s. Don’t miss the photos inside the 1700 cave and the gardens inside the wonderful Castle! Scroll all the way down!

Location : Castello di Montegufoni.

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