Chris & Cara

A romantic escape in Rome, when you elope to Italy (and tell nobody)

Chris an Cara dreamed of getting married in Rome, just the two of them and so they did it. Simple as that. When I met them for the first time, they told me that their wedding in Italy was super secret, that nobody of their families knew about this and that they’d surprise them that same night with the news!
We were afraid it was going to rain instead it was cloudy and even sunny sometimes.

Funny facts:
1. while we were taking pictures the irrigation sprinkler was suddenly turned on, Cara was really fast running away, I was more like a snail ..a slow motion shower lol! fortunately that was the only “rain” we had during the day .
2. While we were walking to the beautiful rose garden in Rome (a short walk from Parco degli Aranci where they exchanged vows) we met four or five Cinquecento cars, they were having a tour and they arrived just on time!!They were so nice to let us use them for some photos, Cara and Chris asked me which one was the best for our shooting..and of course I didn’t think twice: PINK!!!

Don’t miss the photos of the nuns in the heart!!

It was a beautiful day, I love people like them who decide to do things their way. It was a very intimate wedding, honestly I can’t imagine of a more intimate destination wedding than this! Just the two of them, the bride’s sister, me and Omar (my assistant for the day) in one of the most beautiful terraces in the capital of Italy.

It was a dream, thank you Chris and Cara!

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