Hello! I’m Francesca an Intimate Italian Wedding Photographer!

At our wedding my husband described me like this:

” If I take you to somewhere famous like a big building or ancient ruin and you see a butterfly flying, you ignore everything and look at the butterfly”.

“It’s hilarious” I thought…but completely True.
I love to observe the world and use photography mostly to catch the beauty around me. I got my first reflex as a graduation gift (I studied languages) because I took way too many pictures with my very first camera (a 2Mp Nikon Coolpix 🤣) and eventually my parents gave up!lol

I’ve worked for many years as a Tour Leader, and that job thought me how to be self confident and handle any kind of situation, I have never liked ‘ordinary’ life, I’ve tried the office job but I felt like living in a cage so I quit and decided to live a more free life.

When I started to photograph I experimented a lot mostly landscape and street photography, I didn’t like portraits (Lol) my vision changed when a girl told me that the picture I took of her made her feel better.
That made me wonder:

“how powerful can a photograph be?”.

And so it began, I started with portraits and fashion and to be honest I didn’t like weddings either at first (double lol) because the photos in the wedding albums all looked fake, I later discovered a different approach, a pure candid one that made me fell in love not only with wedding photography, but above all with the special connection that it creates between the photographer and people.
I have a personal approach because I don’t believe in fake memories,life happens in moments and you can not stop or pause it.
My style reflects who I am , it comes from my experience and I believe that mixing different styles of photography makes a better photographer.

I love people who follow their hearts and do things their way,
who treasure memories above any other thing and love to discover and travel

My greatest passion after photography is travelling, I’m very interested and curious to know different cultures and people, this is the reason why I studied languages at university (I speak Spanish and English!).
Every year my husband and I try to visit a new and possibly far country.

I have played volleyball for 9 years and love sport in general even if I am kind of lazy, I am obsessed with dark chocolate and I collect earrings (the more unique, the better!).

If you love to laugh, meet new people, travel and share, then we already have a lot in common! I’m looking forward to hearing your story 😀