It’s hard to find the words to describe this wedding because I’ve never felt more part than someone else’s life (someone that I had never met before in person) like this wedding.
I fell in love with Eugene and Francesca and their families, because they’re just …how can I say?…. pure joy and love?! the kind of love that doesn’t need to pretend, that kind of love that is Real and spontaneous, so when you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful people like them, you feel happy too and you feel part of the day like it’s your family.
I loved that they picked the closest friends to be part of their day, it felt intimate and special to be there. Something that I admire about them is that they’re not afraid or shy to speak their feelings out loud, that was a real lesson to me, when we talk about our emotions we feel vulnerable most of the times -am I the only one here? – so grazie mille Francesca & Eugene for reminding me that our feelings are the best part of us and we should never feel ashamed to show them!

Venue & Catering: Borgo di Tragliata (Fiumicino), just outside Rome.


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